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Keeping up with all the information and resources available for seniors can be difficult. That's why we are here. Below are current topics of interest to seniors ... from insurance to gardening, from crafts to preventive care.  We will be posting new articles and resources for your benefit. And if you have something you would like to share, be sure to send it to us via our Contact Form


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Secret DIY House Cleaning Products

Although it is laudable to be able to keep a secret, I don't see any reason to keep these DIY house cleaning products a secret. I am actually busting at the seams to tell you all about them. They are such juicy secrets that I don't think any blabbermouth blogger could keep them to his-or-her-self for very long. Can they help you to save money? Check. Can they help you to dissolve spots and grease on surfaces in your house? Check. And are they environmentally friendly? OK, three out of four are, and the other is a major time saver, and that counts for something, doesn't it?  LEARN MORE

Never Too Old to Get a Shot
Many adult illnesses can be avoided with regular vaccination
COLUMBUS, OH -- Many adult ailments that used to be commonplace can now be reduced or avoided with a robust vaccination program. They include influenza, pneumonia, shingles, hepatitis, and pertussis, to name a few. 
“So often when we think of immunization we think of children and the schedule of vaccines that provides them with protection,” said Joan Bowe, RN, BSN, with the Adult Immunization Coalition of Central Ohio. “Adults should also receive vaccines that are specifically recommended for them and protect them against potentially serious diseases. These include influenza, pneumonia, measles, tetanus, hepatitis B, whooping cough and shingles. One in three adults will develop shingles in their lifetime. Staying up to date on immunizations can help adults protect themselves against these diseases. For adults, immunization is an important step to good health and staying active.”

For adults living with chronic illnesses, staying current on their vaccination can be critical. People with chronic conditions such as kidney or heart disease, diabetes, asthma, HIV/AIDS, mental illness and more can avoid unnecessary stress on the body by getting appropriate vaccines. In 2006, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology issued a "science advisory" informing medical professionals that heart patients who get an annual flu vaccine have better health outcomes. The National Kidney Foundation recommends that patients with kidney disease stay current with vaccines for flu, pneumonia, tetanus, and hepatitis B. Individuals living with HIV/AIDS or diabetes also may more susceptible to infections so immunization is important to them as well.
For adults in certain professions, immunization is essential to protect them and others with whom they come in contact. Healthcare professionals should keep up with vaccines to protect themselves and their patients. Teachers, childcare workers, parents, grandparents and other caregivers who work with small children should get a whooping cough booster. 

There were 3,000 cases of whooping cough in Ohio in 2010 and the disease can be very serious in infants and toddlers. In addition, Americans planning foreign travel should check with their doctors to see what vaccines might be advisable because disease rarely seen in this country can be common elsewhere.
Workplace productivity is enhanced when employees adhere to an adult vaccination schedule. Influenza especially can take its toll in the workplace when an infected employee comes to work sick and spreads the virus to others. Healthcare costs are contained when workers stay healthier, and they make a greater contribution to the bottom line as well.

Some vaccines are recommended for adults of any age, while others are needed at a certain point. Young adults heading to college should have a vaccine to prevent meningitis, a potentially deadly disease which has cropped up on college campuses throughout Ohio in recent years. The human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV), which can prevent genital warts and cancer, is recommended for young men and women

Adults 60 and older can prevent or lessen the severity of painful shingles with a vaccination. Older adults in particular should also have a pneumonia vaccination.

Garden Tips From Connie & Diana - Roscoe Village Landscaping: Most Spireas are done blooming, so they can be cut back 8" to 12" to keep their growth under control. You might even get a second set of blooms later this summer! As a general rule, flowering shrubs should be cut back within 2-3 weeks after blooming.

Garden Tips From Connie & Diana - Roscoe Village Landscaping: The holes found in Hosta leaves are from slugs -- use snail/slug bait to control. To help prevent slug damage do no spread bark mulch around and under Hostas, trim leaves that tough the ground and lightly cover the soil under leaves with "Gran-I-Grit" ('Granny Grip' is for chickens) -- can be purchased at local feed stores.

Garden Tip for the week from Diana at Roscoe Landscape Department: As the perennial Crane's Bill (true geranium) finished blooming and begins forming seed heads - trim off about one-third of the plant. This encourages new growth and a few blooms later. Hydrangea 'Snowball' and 'Oak Leaf' are in bloom. We are cutting lavender for small bundles to hang dry.ake your own website in a few clicks! 

Waking up with lower back pain even though you sleep on a good mattress? Try stretching before you even get out of bed by pulling one knee at a time toward your chest. Repeat this move 5-10 times with each let. Finish your morning bed stretches by pulling both knees up together toward your chest 3-5 times. Remember there is no such thing as normal low back pain. The most common causes are injures old or new that are leading to spinal disc problems, pinched nerves or arthritis. Call for an exam today, we would love to help you.
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Party Ideas, Games and Crafts For Seniors in Nursing Homes!
Looking for ideas to help Seniors celebrate the new Year? You won’t come up short with this website that offers many ideas including how-to videos, from easy to difficult. You will also find ideas for upcoming holidays or monthly activities. Great for Senior get-togethers and nursing homes. Senior Activities

Confused about which vaccines you need? Check with your healthcare provider or take the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s useful quiz for figuring out what shots you may need as an adult. The Immunization Advocacy Network of Ohio is a consortium of organizations and individuals who believe in the critical importance of immunization and in the need for vigilance in educating the public and government representatives about the positive impact of immunization. Visit us on Facebook. CONTACT: Jenny Camper, 614-224-0658

Old Window Turned Wine Cork Board

It's a new year, and I am ready to get organized, but no boring bulletin boards for me. I've been dying to make a "cork" board of my own using an old window that I bought for $2 and wine corks....come see how >>