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We are reaching out to those interested in helping us continue on our journey to grow and expand our services to Ohio senior citizens. In our 8th year, we have accomplished many goals. By becoming a Sponsor, you will be helping us excelerate our reach even more! In return, your organization will receive the best exposure on our service. Please review our options below, and then contact us to discuss your involvement with 

Our online services offer many seniors news, discounts/coupons for all Ohio counties, list current events, plus a comprehensivecontact listing of senior centers in all counties. Seniors can access our service to free to find helpful resources in the areas of health,  
security, lifestyles and more. We offer areas dedicated to products made in Ohio, medical services, plus much more!

Our new website is completely mobile compatible so seniors can access our services on their handheld devices - mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. Our email list continues to grow every day, which is used to send out important announcements, events, alerts and offers. Our greatest pride is our continued top listing on all major search engines. Whether someone searches for Ohio senior events, discounts or other services, is one of the top ‘non-paying’ rankings bringing our service to everyone who is interested in Ohio seniors.  

Benefits of Sponsorship
Reach Ohio senior citizens who are seeking information and resources.  Your participation is viewed in a positive light.   
Consistent top major search engine listing results in many categories directed to seniors 
Valuable resources to help Ohio seniors find the information and contact they need 
History with over 8 years of experience providing information and resources to seniors. 
-All sponsorship/supporter packages are for a period of one year, starting upon receipt of approved payment.  We accept major credit cards, cash or check. 

Different Sponsorship Programs: 
  • Platinum - $999.00/year.  Only one Platinum sponsor any given year with exclusive category.  Homepage: To be placed on panel with; Logo displayed on all major pages in different locations; Top placement on our Supporter’s page. Top sponsor in our email blasts.  Top sponsor on our Facebook page.    
  • Silver - $299.00/year.   Only one category per Silver sponsor (gives you exclusive category). Included on scrolling logos on homepage with link to your website, Display ad on one of our MAJOR PAGES (excluding HOME) of your choice (includes NEWS, EVENTS, COUPON, SENIOR CENTERS, TIPS and MEDICAL SERVICES) for period of one year, and display on Supporter’s page under Gold sponsor. Listed on Facebook and Email blasts.  
  • Bronze - $99.00/year. Display ad on any one of our MAJOR PAGES (excluding HOME) ofyour choice, to include NEWS, EVENTS, COUPON, SENIOR CENTERS, TIPS and MEDICAL SERVICES for period of one year, and display on Supporter’s page.  

Payment options: We accept all credit cards through our Paypal account or check. You do not have to be a member of Paypal to use the service. You can also pay by company check or cash. We will invoice you via email (or mail if you prefer) for payment.  Please - Sponsorship sales are final and non-refundable.  If you are not interested in being a sponsor or advertising, please feel free to make a small donation. See SMALL DONATION link below. 

ADVERTISE WITH US!  We offer the opportunity to advertise on our service. We can work with you to design a banner ad for almost any of our pages.  Contact us today for details.  

Will you please help support us sowe can take the next steps to continue our path? Do you want to get your organization listed first to gain the most exposure? Together, we can continue to expand our valuable service to our growing population of Ohio senior citizens!

Thank youfor your consideration, and helping!

Bruce Kullberg 

SMALL DONATION - If you would like to support us but are not interested in being a sponsor or advertise but would like to help support us, please consider making a small donation. Whether it's $5, $10 or more, your donation will help us continue to grow and offer our free service to Ohio Seniors Citizens. When you click on the Make a Donation link below, it will take you to our Seniors Citizens Outreach Paypal page. If you have a Paypal account, select that option. But if you don't, then simply select "Donate with a debit or credit card". You do not have to join Paypal to make a donation. Thank you so much for your support . . . every dollar makes a difference! MAKE A DONATION NOW